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For the Professional Buyer, Optimizing Your Time - Growing Your Income

5 Things that make our Estate Sales Great for the buyer

No. 1 - Maximizing your time, one day early start

My passion is buying older books. Each weekend, I knew my time was limited to find the best sales. Pictures help, but I always thought there could be more done to get in front of the best items, each weekend.

Our basic sale starts one day earlier than most sales in your area. The first day won't have signage, or a line out front. Appointments will be taken, with bidding for the early appointments. This saves you from having to get up at 4AM, and try to figure out what system the sale uses to distribute numbers, or, to just physically get in line.

No. 2 - No more 4AM wakeups

The dreaded estate sale line, or is it a sign up sheet? Getting into an estate sale early is too often a cross between doing a crossword puzzle and playing capture the flag. That doesn't make sense? Well, then the anology fits. Getting into a sale is often a mess.

And once you're in line, the door opens, and people are rushing about trying to find the best items.

Our sales will have a significant number of pictures.

You'll have an idea what's valuable before the start of the sale. You can bid on the order spot you want to have in line.

No. 3 - With Advanced notice of Your Entry position, you can cover a wider geographic area

When looking for books, I would limit how far I would consider for a sale due to the problem of getting in. I'd easily drive 60 miles for a sale if I knew I could get in early, and that the sale had good items. By bidding for your spot, you'll know the night before. Rather than standing in line, you can get some extra sleep.

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